Each Slide Away bicycle is a custom-made masterpiece presenting the mature workmanship of handmade bicycle creation coupled with a classic steel frame.

o We are a company of bicycle lovers.

o We passionately believe that customized, handmade, steel bicycles should not only deliver pure enjoyment while riding, but also add style to life in between rides.

o We build classic bicycles using modern materials, manufacturing processes, fit philosophies, parts compatibility, testing standards and environmental awareness.

o We are proudly born in Taiwan, so naturally, our bicycles are also built here.

o We also draw inspiration away from around the world. For example, we named our brand after a beloved Britpop song: one we listen to, think about and play frequently.

o At work, we respect the best of other bicycle builders: their workmanship drives us to improve our skills and develop our own designs, not to simply re-create theirs.

Combining a traditional, classic bicycle frame and modem material technology, every Slide Away bicycle Is a tribute to our simple vision – that bicycles should be both a functional and aesthetic part of your lifestyle.


One and the only one