Micro Ceramic Lubricant

  • Slide Away micro ceramic lubricant contains advanced ceramic nanoflakes, which are used by NASA for aerospace applications. The ceramic nanoflake has excellent characteristics in reducing machine noise.
  • Slide Away micro ceramic lubricant is specially formulated to penetrate into oil sludge and distributes the ceramic nanoflakes evenly onto metal surfaces.
  • After the lubricant deposits are dried, the nonoflakes form a thin film on the
    metal surfaces and function as a solid lubricant.
  • This solid lubricant provides long term protection for machine parts in an oil
    and dust free environment.

Lightly shake the container and apply Slide Away micro ceramic sheet lubricant onto the parts that need lubrication. Best when applied after the parts are cleaned by paper tower or a brush to allow full penetration of the product.


Bicycle gears, chains, cassettes and axles.


Micro Ceramic Grease

  • Provides better lubrication property than any traditional grease. ( with lower friction coefficients)
  • Provides better heat dissipation property than any traditional grease.
  • High adhesion strength to metal surfaces allows the Lubricating Paste to retain bearing capacity under high centrifugal force.

Bearing, BB, any metal surface need lubrication


Orange Extraction Degreaser / mini chain scrubber

  • Slide Away orange extraction degreaser is especially designed for removing
    the oil sludge on the bicycle chain and gears.
  • The excellent wetting ability of the degreaser assists the solution penetrating
    deeply into and eliminating the oil sludge.
  • The degreaser is neutral in PH and biodegradable.
  • So it also could be used for the bike frame and hand cleaning with no harm.
    The antirust formulation allows parts free from corrosion after cleaning.

With the mini chain scrubber, the light and easy-to-carry design allows quick
cleaning of bike chains in less than five minutes without disassembly.
After application, the bike chains can be cleaned by running them through clean
cloth to remove displaced dirt and residual oil.


Bicycle gears, chains and frame, hand washing.


Ceramic composite polish

  • Slide Away ceramic composite polish introduces nano ceramic material
    and technology.
  • The polidh gel can can penetrate into the pinholes on the surface and the fard
    nano particle tightly adheres on the finishing coat and stickers as well to form a
    solid protective film.
  • The strengtheded film can prevent scrapes and prolong the stain resistance
    of the coating.
  • The grinding material free formula ensures the polish suitable for any king
    of coating surface.

Frame surface, leather surface.